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We are currently looking for PhD/Postdoc candidates who can bring their own funding (e.g. through fellowships from national agencies) to work on topic 2 listed below. Candidates at all levels (UG, MS, and PhD) should expect to go through a few rounds of interviews, including a data analysis round in any programming language of their choice.

Broad areas of investigation available in the lab for PhD/postdoc research:

Topic 1: Investigating human memory using lifelogging, virtual reality (VR), and EEG/fMRI 

Topic 2: Computational studies of neural dynamics underlying human memory and learning using invasive and non-invasive neural recordings from the human brain (using shared datasets).

Further details:

Topic 1:

The candidate will be responsible for 1) developing and optimizing data collection using lifelogging and other wearable devices 2) developing and implementing behavioral testing methods using VR and eye-tracking 3) designing experiments with concurrent neural recordings (EEG/fMRI) 4) presenting results at conferences and writing research papers.  

Topic 2:

The candidate will be responsible for 1) developing novel methods to characterize and quantify neural dynamics by analyzing shared datasets of invasive recordings from humans and animals 2) making open-source software for the methods that they develop 3) designing experiments with neural recordings (EEG/fMRI) to test novel hypotheses about neural dynamics underlying human memory and learning 4) presenting results at conferences and writing research papers. 

The candidate will also be encouraged to write grants and will be provided support for the same.

The ideal candidate is someone with demonstrated research interest in cognitive science (through completed undergraduate projects, coursework, summer schools, etc). Candidates should also have a bachelor's and/or master's degree in a quantitative discipline such as Physics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering, or a degree in Psychology/Cognitive Science/Neuroscience with demonstrated coding skills (at least one of Python, MATLAB, and R) and coursework/expertise in topics like Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, Dynamical Systems, and Machine Learning. 

Previous experience in neural/behavioral data collection and neural/behavioral time series data analysis is desirable though not necessary. In addition, this individual must be a team-player, and have the ability to work well with other people.

To apply, please send your CV, contact information for 1-3 references, and a cover letter including a brief statement of your previous research experience and how your current scientific and research goals fit in with the possibilities described above to: Additionally, please fill in this form:

PhD fellowship competitions

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the MANDA lab, we will help qualified applicants prepare competitive proposals for national and international PhD fellowship competitions. Please contact the PI at to discuss possibilities. 

If you plan to take the PGEE and wish to work with us, we encourage you to aim for the KCIS PhD fellowship. Read more about it here

Postdoctoral positions

We will help postdoctoral fellowship applicants put together grant applications to be able to do postdoctoral research with the MANDA lab. In addition to the criteria above for PhD applicants, postdoctoral applicants need to have at least one first-author journal publication of a solid research project, preferably more. If interested, please contact to explore this possibility. Please also see a special call for applications: Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition.

IIITH students

MS by research/Dual Degree/B.Tech Hons students who wish to do high quality research on human memory and learning, or on neural dynamics are welcome to write to with a CV, transcript, and a brief statement about why they wish to join the group. Please fill in this form before you email:  

Research Internships

We are not offering paid or short-term internships at this time.